[August 2014] Prof. Berger gives talks at Yahoo! Research, Google, and Facebook.
[June 2014] Emma Tosch wins the PLDI 2014 Student Research Competition for her work on SurveyMan, also accepted for publication at OOPSLA 2014.
Doppio wins the PLDI 2014 Distinguished Artifact Award.
CheckCell accepted for publication at OOPSLA 2014.
[May 2014] PLASMA students at prestigious internships: John Vilk and Ted Smith at Microsoft Research (Redmond), Dan Barowy at Microsoft Research NYC, and Dimitar Gochev at Google.
[March 2014] Doppio paper accepted for publication at PLDI 2014 and granted an Artifact Evaluation Committee certificate.
Two PLASMA students, Dan Barowy and Charlie Curtsinger, serve on PLDI 2014 Artifact Evaluation Committee.
[December 2013]
[November 2013] Predator: Predictive False Sharing Detection accepted for publication at PPoPP 2014.
[October 2013] Prof. Berger speaks at Brown and Tufts.
[August 2013] Prof. Berger speaks about Programming with People and Stabilizer at Microsoft Research.
[July 2013] Prof. Berger teaches summer course on Software Fault Tolerance and Correction at the 2013 HiPEAC Summer School; speaks about AutoMan at Telefónica R&D.
[May 2013] Students at prestigious summer internships: Charlie Curtsinger at Google, Dan Barowy at Microsoft Research Silicon Valley, Dimitar Gochev at IBM TJ Watson, Tongping Liu at Futurewei (Huawei Research), and John Vilkat Microsoft Research.
[April 2013] Prof. Berger receives Microsoft Research SEIF Award.
PLASMA accepted to the Google Summer of Code as a mentoring organization (177 chosen from 417 applications).
Prof. Berger speaks about statistically sound performance evaluation (Stabilizer) at Google.
[March 2013] Charlie Curtsinger presents work on Stabilizer at ASPLOS in Houston, Texas.
Prof. Berger gives invited talk on AutoMan at ETAPS Conference in Rome.
[January 2013] Professors Yuriy Brun and Arjun Guha join PLASMA.
[December 2012] New Scientist magazine publishes article on our AutoMan project.
Prof. Berger gives talks on AutoMan at University of Marburg, Goethe University Frankfurt, and the ETH-Zurich CS Colloquium Series.
[November 2012] Stabilizer paper accepted for publication at ASPLOS 2013.
[October 2012] Most Influential Paper Award at OOPSLA 2012 for Reconsidering Custom Memory Allocation [Berger, Zorn, and McKinley; OOPSLA 2002].
[July 2012] AutoMan paper accepted for publication at OOPSLA 2012.
[June 2012] Charlie Curtsinger wins a Google Fellowship in Software Performance, one of just 14 Fellowship recipients in the US and Canada.
Five PLASMA students on prestigious internships this summer: Dan Barowy at Microsoft Research (in Redmond), Charlie Curtsinger and Tongping Liu at IBM TJ Watson, Nitin Gupta at Intel, and John Vilk at Google.
[May 2012] Television interview with Prof. Emery Berger on the topic of Internet security.
[December 2011] Google Research Award for our work on performance profiling.
[October 2011] PLASMA students around the globe! Tongping Liu presented Sheriff at OOPSLA in Portland, while Charlie Curtsinger presented Dthreads at SOSP in Portugal.